Online testování

Covid-19 video testing with a certificate

Do you need confirmation of the absence of infection and would you like to get tested from the comfort of your home? Just have an antigen test kit handy and purchase access to our virtual testing room.
You will receive a valid certificate
Antigen test under supervision of a health professional
No need to visit a test center
Monday to Saturday 8AM-8PM and Sunday 8AM-9PM CET.
Antigen tests in stock, immediate deliveryTest yourself with a reliable antigen test to detect not only the Omicron variant. We ship New Gene antigen tests immediately after your order is completed! Delivery throughout Europe within 5 working days. EU and SUKL certified.Buy a test kit

How it works

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Buy an antigen test kit in advance.
You can buy an antigen test kit in advance in our e-shop or from another EU-approved supplier.
Buy a test kit
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Buy access to video testing
If you already have an antigen test kit, you can buy access to video testing through our payment gate. After that you will be connected with our healthcare professional to perform the test. Alternatively, you can purchase an antigen test kit and access to video testing, in advance, in our e-shop.
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Perform the test with our healthcare professional through a video conference
In the reception of our video testing room please fill in your personal details, proceed to the waiting room, and wait for our healthcare professional who will take you through the test.
Video testing
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You will receive a certificate
You will receive your certificate immediately after completing the test.
Video testing for Covid-19 is simple and convenient, but only vaccination is a long-term solution how to avoid this illness. You can book your vaccination appointment here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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